About us

Eric & Jeanette Rijnders                                                           
Pr. Christinastraat 28
4797 HR Helwijk-Willemstad(NB)
Tel: 0031168-476360
E-mail  Shadow Dancer@home.nl



We are Eric and Jeanette Rijnders, and we have a daughter and a grandson
About 1990 Eric lost his heart to the bull terrier and after a while we decided to buy one, we like the dogs so much that we know
that this where the dogs we want to do more with
After studying  and a lot of informatie we decided to start a kennel and in 1995 we
finely got our kennel "SHADOW DANCER"

We have chosen that name because our bull terrier was playing with shadows and when she did it
it seemed  like she was dancing.

We own a small kennel and all dogs live in our house, we try to breed one litter a year.
 We moved from a little house in Rotterdam to a house with more space in Willemstad so
we have more place for  holding the dogs.